The organization is spearheaded by the company Baruch Marketing Management Solutions, who over years have always been involved in community upliftment projects and aiming to enhance culture within Cape Town and the broader South Africa.

It is an increasing concern that our communities are being overshadowed by criminal activity, drug abuse, HIV and Aids, and much more negative influence on the youth and young people of South Africa. Music, Dance and Sport has always been an active option to help rid our society of wrong influences. To bring positivity, build sound relationships, and develop positive social experiences for the future of our city and country.

With what we are doing it is our ultimate goal to add value to people in the purest form, especially young children and youth, who are the future of our country. We promote culture and unity, and we embark on ventures to create these opportunities for others.

Baruch Entertainers are minstrel participants, where we enable the less privileged to learn, develop and showcase talents as part of creating opportunities for them, that in today's times are not easy to come by. We understand the cape culture and we embrace its legacy, that lest we forget where originality stems from.

We remain true to ourselves and the people of Cape Town, and strive to promote Unity Through Culture.

Services We Offer

In conjunction with Tehillah House in Elsies River, we offer rehabilitation service, for all types of social issues.

We also do HIV and Aids awareness drives, and educational sessions on these issues that we are faced with in todays time.

Music Tutoring

Included in our initiative is to provide an opportunity to teach music. This includes reading musical notes as well as playing music instruments. We develop potential talents and create opportunities for them to further or pursue opportunities in music. The Music School is directed by Carlton Adams, a young man from the Elsies River community who has developed into on of the best Young Trumpeters in Cape Town. His vast experience and skill at a very young age, has placed him on the forefront of one the leading future professional jazz trumpeters. His willingness to teach others less privileged has not just been inspirational but heart warming and encouraging in dire times. Contact the numbers on the site to further enquire about lessons.


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